Design with function to enhance spatial quality and well-being

Art meets innovation

The VIDARR.LAB ART.STUDIO was founded in 2020 by Aline Leyens, a graphic designer, and Kerstin Stickelmann, a painting restorer. These two artists bring together their entire range of artistic skills, intuition, and a high standard for aesthetics and perfection. With their diverse range of techniques and the incorporation of sound reduction in the SAWA.COLLECTION, they strive to infuse spaces with personality and individuality and audibly enhance well-being. Their style is minimalistic, harmonious, and surprising, drawing daily inspiration from their surroundings.

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    At VIDARR.LAB ART.STUDIO, two passionate artists come together to merge their skills and create artworks of exceptional aesthetics and perfection. Collaboratively, they produce paintings, experiment with colors and forms, utilize various techniques, capture photographs, and craft – creating artworks of extraordinary nature.
    Within the SAWA.COLLECTION, these images are expertly framed and, in addition, equipped with sound-reducing functionality to enhance room acoustics.
    With the aspiration to bestow even more personality and individuality upon upscale interiors and audibly enhance the well-being within a space, VIDARR.LAB ART.STUDIO creates a truly unique acoustic solution.


At VIDARR.LAB ART.STUDIO, we strongly believe in the soothing power of aesthetic design. With stylish art, we aim to infuse empty walls and spaces with more personality and individuality. Our artwork is designed to surprise viewers while complementing the interior in an exclusive manner. We strive to create something exceptional for our clients and offer tailored solutions upon request.
With the extraordinary added value of sound reduction, the artworks in our SAWA.COLLECTION serve an additional useful purpose. Through these special art pieces from our ART.STUDIO, we aim to significantly improve room acoustics and audibly enhance the well-being within the space.
With great passion for what we do and a sensitive artistic intuition, we embrace daily challenges and find inspiration in everything surrounding us. Our goal is to create new, captivating designs and develop innovative ideas to fulfill the unique requirements of each client.

An artistic delight for the eyes and ears

We work in a versatile manner, experimenting with various techniques to create our own art that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also purposeful. We strive to keep our designs minimalistic and essential, applying just the right amount of color to achieve perfection and harmony in our eyes.

Our style is modern and minimalist, with a preference for bold, powerful brushstrokes and a love for playing with selected color combinations and subtle shapes. Drawing inspiration from our surroundings, whether it’s solid color fields or delicate lines, we create art that captures extraordinary perspectives. Our naturalistic photographs often exude a cool tone, showcasing exceptional viewpoints. Pointillistic color applications on high-quality sublimation prints produce unique effects. For some designs, we offer our customers the opportunity to choose a suitable combination from our color palette, allowing them to be part of the creative process.

Each artwork is the result of a long creative process, always striving to be timeless and exceptionally beautiful. Our aim is to surprise viewers with our artwork while harmoniously complementing interior spaces. Our works are diverse, each design crafted precisely and the outcome of a creative process!