For more beauty and less sound

Art with sound-absorbing function for your design project

The highly efficient sound-reducing images of the SAWA.COLLECTION improve room acoustics without the need for additional structural measures and add even more personality and individualism to any project – for BUSINESS, HOSPITALITY, AT HOME. Whether as an acoustic solution or simply for the sake of art – each image is unique and adds even more exclusivity to your design project.

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For our professional partners in the field of interior design/architecture and our exclusive sales stores collaborators, we reliably deliver upon order and execute unique customized project works.
Without the need for additional structural measures, the images of the SAWA.COLLECTION significantly improve room acoustics. The distinctive aesthetics of the handmade artworks add more personality and individuality to any space. At the same time, each piece serves as a highly efficient acoustic solution. Used in various areas such as BUSINESS, HOSPITALITY, or AT HOME, SAWA designs are eye-catching and provide more tranquility and well-being.
Whether as an acoustic solution or simply for the sake of art, each artwork is a one-of-a-kind piece, adding more exclusivity to your project.
Find a design from the SAWA.COLLECTION that suits your project. Choose your desired dimensions and illustrate the selected Sound Absorbing Wall Art to your client using the downloadable file provided for your 3D visualizations!
Special shapes such as circles or ovals, as well as very large formats, are also possible. Fabric and frame colors can be individually chosen and tailored to each specific project. Complement your mood board with the help of our sample boxes to perfectly coordinate our works and round off your creative project.
Have we sparked your interest? Contact us for personalized advice or a face-to-face meeting. We are happy to support you with creating views and simulations or send you sample materials.
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Are you a professional in the field of interior design and do you appreciate the value of realistic visualizations? Then you will love the download files of our SAWA.COLLECTION! With our files specifically provided for you, you can depict them vividly and lifelike in your new construction and remodeling projects.
We know that individuality matters. That’s why we offer you the possibility to respond to special requests regarding design, proportions, and color schemes. Whether it’s about adjusting the background or about color nuances in the picture – we are ready to provide you with a custom-made simulation.
Do you want to complete your creative project with an artistic touch? The Sound Absorbing Wall Art from VIDARR.LAB ART.STUDIO blends harmoniously into any ambiance and enriches your 3D simulations with a very special component.
Should you have any further questions, contact us! We look forward to bringing your visions to reality and enriching your projects with our high-quality products.


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