Aesthetics meets function

How design and sound reduction shape spaces and enhance well-being

SAWA images not only bring visual delights to your home but are also masters of sound absorption. With their seamlessly integrated functionality, they provide an effective solution against disruptive noises, creating a tranquil ambiance.

Discover the potential of art that not only looks good but also enhances the sound in your space.



Optimizing room acoustics helps reduce disruptive reverberation and unwanted noises in the space.

Enhanced well-being

Improving room acoustics promotes overall well-being and noticeably increases relaxation.

Aesthetic enhancement

In addition to its technical benefits, sound-reducing art also provides an aesthetic uplift to the room.


Improved room acoustics find application in a variety of environments, from residential spaces to offices and public areas.


Sound-reducing artworks can be customized and selected according to personal preferences and the style of the room.

Increased productivity

In the work environment, reducing disturbing noise not only increases well-being but also productivity.

Enjoyable conversations

In a noisy environment, sound reduction significantly improves the clarity of conversations.

Bet on customized formats and unrivaled quality.

You have the flexibility to freely select the format – square, round and oval shapes are possible. The aluminum frames of our Sound Absorbing Wall Art are robust, powder-coated, and scratch-resistant. Choose from four standard colors or let us realize a special RAL color for you. In addition, our option to completely cover the sides with fabric creates a seamless, frameless appearance (except for round shapes).


Our mounting system, aided by the detailed installation instructions, allows for a quick and easy installation of the images.


The SAWA.COLLECTION images combine technical excellence with the highest aesthetic quality. With outstanding sound absorption, demonstrated by an exceptional NRC of 0.95, our products noticeably improve room acoustics, contributing to a more pleasant ambiance. The NRC indicates the overall sound absorption of incoming sound, ranging from 0 (total reflection) to 1.00 (total absorption). As a result, they offer a superior sound experience compared to other sound-absorbing panels.

Our products meet the strictest fire safety standards, with features such as A1 classification for the padding and B1 classification for the canvas, making them highly fire-resistant and compliant with various international fire safety regulations.

The acoustic core of the SAWA.COLLECTION is composed of 60% recycled material and 40% bicomponent fibers. This lightweight material, manufactured in Germany, is 100% recyclable and non-toxic. It contains no chemicals and meets the stringent requirements of the Öko-Tex Standard 100. Additionally, it is allergy-friendly, resistant to decay, and resistant to infestations by pests, dust mites, and mold.

Enhance your spaces with our acoustic artworks and experience exceptional room acoustics combined with unique design.