Modern art from the SAWA.COLLECTION

Stylish ambiance for individuals with a discerning eye for aesthetics and a demand for the highest quality

Create a pleasant room acoustics and provide your guests with an excellent culinary experience in a quiet atmosphere conducive to undisturbed conversations, thanks to the unique Sound Absorbing Wall Art from VIDARR.LAB ART.STUDIO.
The sound-reducing artworks of the SAWA.COLLECTION are visual highlights. They add stylish accents and beautifully complement interior design. At the same time, these artworks serve as efficient sound absorbers, offering high-quality acoustic solutions for various spaces. Whether it’s in a restaurant, bar, lobby, conference room, hotel room, or even in a pool and wellness area, the possibilities for creating a unique spatial design with Sound Absorbing Wall Art are limitless.

In restaurants and hotels industry, where many people come together, our art, which provides tranquility and promotes relaxation and intimacy, offers many benefits:

Pleasant atmosphere

Good room acoustics help create a pleasant atmosphere. Guests can relax and enjoy their stay in peace.

Improved communication

Noise hampers communication for both guests and staff. Optimized acoustics minimize background noise and allow guests to converse more easily. This means less noise and stress and more enjoyment of conversation.

Enhanced comfort

An overly noisy room can be uncomfortable for guests and negatively impact their experience. Sound reduction creates a more pleasant, relaxed ambiance and encourages guests to stay longer. This leads to additional orders and higher revenue.

Improved privacy

Thoughtful room acoustics can make conversations more private by preventing them from being transmitted from one table to another.

Enhanced acoustics

Especially for event spaces, lobbies, or areas with background music, good acoustics are essential.

Increased customer satisfaction

Guests who dine or stay in a relaxed environment are more likely to be satisfied with their experience. This is reflected in positive customer reviews and recommendations. Good acoustics also contribute significantly to a comfortable ambiance, thus fostering customer loyalty. They create spaces that people enjoy visiting and recommending. As a result, you benefit from repeat visits and strengthen the bond with your guests.

Staff efficiency

A noisy environment has been proven to negatively affect the efficiency of employees. Support your team’s productivity with optimal room acoustics.

Positive brand image

A quiet and comfortable ambiance contributes to a positive brand image and helps establish a reputation for good quality and attention to detail.

Discover the creative variety of our collections for a modern interior with a cozy character. Offer your guests an experience that touches their senses with the SAWA.COLLECTION from VIDARR.LAB ART.STUDIO.